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Middle Schools

Alec visits Primary Schools across the UK, offering sessions for Reception to Year 6 (P1 to P7 in Scotland and Northern Ireland); he can include sessions for EYFS children if you have a Nursery Class, and can cover up to Year 9, if you’re a Middle School.

Sessions can include traditional stories; picture books; poetry; extracts from modern fiction – or a mix of all these elements.  Performance style sessions can be to more than one class; interactive workshop style sessions are best with a single class; both are great fun!

The feedback I’ve received was incredibly positive, with teachers remarking that children who were usually less interested in storytelling were ‘mesmerised’. — Head Teacher, Pembrokeshire, 2011

Session times are normally around 30 minutes for the youngest children, up to 50 minutes for the eldest.  Alec usually does four sessions a day – sometimes five, if they’re shorter ones.

When I told the staff you would be coming again there was a universal
 — Head Teacher, Halifax, 2001

Top Tips

  • The School Library’s a great place for storytelling!  Or try a Resource, Music, or Parents’ Room!
  • Why not invite parents to sessions?  This works especially well with the first and last ones in a day!
  • For large schools, consider a special ‘two day visit deal’, with more time for each session!
  • Your local School Library Service might suggest schools who would book Alec on an adjacent day, leading to reduced expenses for both of you

Alec’s happy to include INSET for teachers, or an entertaining Parents Talk, for a small extra fee.

You made us feel like there was magic in the air.  — 10 year old girl, Blackburn, 2009

Contact Alec for current fees, and more information to help you plan your visit!

Alec holds a current DBS Certificate and has Public Liability Insurance

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