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Alec’s work has taken him to over thirty countries around the world, and he’s happy to receive invitations from schools, libraries and other organisations in any country – to tell stories to children and young adults; train teachers and other professionals; talk to parents and the general public; or compere events.


Alec works in English, and the clarity of his sessions for non-native English listeners has been praised in many countries.  With children, he’ll use simple language, repetition and actions to make sure that even the youngest English learners can understand!

It’s a good idea to co-ordinate visits, so that two or more venues can share travel costs.  Two or more schools could either do this directly, or through a local group or association of schools.  Alternatively, an organisation such as the British Council might be willing to co-ordinate visits, and offer Alec additional work themselves.  Look for your country’s office in their ‘Contact Us’ section.  Schools can find out more about Alec’s work on the International and Overseas Schools page.

Library Services, Education Departments, and other organisations are also welcome to contact Alec about work outside the UK.

Some photographs from Alec’s most recent trips abroad are seen below:

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