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Alec is a sought-after speaker both in the UK and abroad, inspiring and energising audiences; reminding them of the sheer fun of reading, and the crucial role of libraries; informing them by his frequent contact with both teachers and children throughout the country; and sharing down-to-earth practical ideas that will help every listener.  He is particularly known for entertaining talks full of humour, anecdotes, and extracts.

I came away from your talk feeling thoroughly inspired and uplifted.  I very much hope there will be an opportunity to invite you back.  — Head of English, after talk to parents, 2009

Alec is often invited to provide keynote speeches at conferences and other events (Watch his keynote speech at 2013’s International Storytelling Conference in Istanbul, for example).  He regularly provides guest lectures for students at both teacher training and librarianship courses.  He has also contributed several web-based talks and webinars.  His talks to parents can be easily combined with storytelling visits to schools.

What a fantastic session that was!  A master class in how to engage an audience!  — Sheffield University lecturer, after a guest lecture to students, 2009

Group discussion exercise during a lecture to Sheffield University students
Group discussion exercise during a lecture to Sheffield University students

Contact Alec about your event, and find out how he can enthuse your audience!

(Also remember that Alec can act as compere or presenter for many occasions; see Presenting and Compering)


You are a genuine inspiration.  When he tells something, he lives it.  It was awesome, Alec – thank you!  — Teachers after a British Council webinar, 2013

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